Your employer should pay you on time for work you’ve done – they should pay you on your agreed pay day. You can challenge your employer if: 

  • they haven’t paid your wages 
  • they’ve underpaid you 
  • they’ve deducted some or all of your wages – and you don’t agree with their reason 

If you have a payslip, you can check it to help you work out exactly what the problem is. You should talk to your employer to find out why they haven’t paid you what you expected. If they’ve made a mistake, ask them to pay you straight away. You shouldn’t have to wait until your next pay day. 

If you think your pay is wrong or you haven’t been paid, the best thing you can do is talk to your employer to find out why. If you and your employer can’t agree on how much you should have been paid, you can challenge them. 

You should act quickly – it’ll be much harder to get your money back after 3 months from the date the problem arose. 

If you are a member of a trade union you could speak to them to ask for support. You can also raise a grievance and if this is not successful you could speak with ACAS for further support.