Local charity, Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC), has launched a new project to help homeowners reduce the amount of energy (and therefore carbon) used in their homes by retrofitting.

Retrofitting means making changes to your home so that it uses less energy – for example through improving insulation or changing the heating from gas or oil to an electric heat pump.

WinACC’s SuperHomes project will put you in touch with a qualified Retrofit Coordinator, who will produce a tailored plan outlining all the costs and benefits of the possible measures you could take to reduce the carbon emissions in your home.

There is a charge for the survey but if you are in receipt of Universal Credit or Pension Credit, WinACC will pay 90% of the survey cost and if you own a property in Council Tax band A, B or C they will pay 50% of the survey cost.

More information can be found on WinACC’s website www.winacc.org.uk