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Our Impact

Our advice changes people’s lives for the better, supporting them through difficult and challenging times.

We change lives

We even save lives

Our advice changes lives. It helps keep a roof over a person’s head, puts food on the table, heats someone’s home, manages debt and helps vulnerable people access vital support.

Not only does our advice help someone out of or avoid crisis, our support also has an overwhelmingly positive impact on a person’s mental health and physical well-being.


“My mental and physical health, and my finances, would suffer greatly without the help you gave me.”
“The adviser made me feel so much better and that I was not alone in my moment of need.”
“My problem caused such anxiety and a worsening of my health problem. The advice completely resolved things for me.”
“Citizens Advice is the best organisation helping ordinary people who, like me, find themselves in a difficult life situation. Their actions can be compared to those of the NHS, Citizens Advice also saves lives. Thank you very much.”
“My mental and physical health, and my finances, would suffer greatly without the help you gave me.”

In numbers

From 2021/22

  • Over 4,700 people supported with advice
  • £1.5 million of income generated (averaging £323 per person)
  • More than half of people who contacted us (53%) needed help with benefits
  • 47% of our clients had a disability or long-term health issue
  • Three-quarters of those needing debt advice were single parents

Impact Reports

Our advice has an impact on every single person that we support. While each individual has their own unique situation, the overall data that we collect from our service-users  tells a story of the challenges [...]

Success Stories

Emergency support with food and energy Charlie came to Citizens Advice with no money for food and no credit left on her electricity meter. Her mental health was suffering after a relationship break up and [...]


We use our clients’ experience, stories and evidence to research and campaign for positive change both locally and nationally.

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