Community pantries offer access by membership to a range of food products, for a small weekly contribution. Community pantries aim to support those in financial hardship, food vulnerability and in need of community support but there are no criteria that must be met and there is no referral system. Anyone can access their local community pantry. 

For £5/6, you’ll receive goods worth approximately £15/20 (limited to one shop per week). Our local community pantries are: 

Unit 12- Winnall 

Open Monday (10am- 1pm), Tuesday (9:30- 11:30am), Thursday (10am- 2:30pm), Friday (7- 9pm) and Saturday (9:30 – 11:30am)  

Carroll Centre- Stanmore 

Open Monday- Wednesday, Friday (9:30am-12:30pm), Thursday (3- 6pm) 

Wickham Community Food Pantry 

Open Tuesdays (1- 3pm, 6- 7:15pm) at Wickham Community Centre